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Webinar | Modelling cross-contamination for quantitative microbiological risk assessment

Dernière mise à jour : 26 févr.

On January 24, the e-Safefood project organised its 2nd webinar on Modelling cross-contamination for quantitative microbiological risk assessment. We brought together around 35 participants mainly from Europe. This was an opportunity to present our project, the e-learning platform and to get an insightful presentation on the specific topic of cross-contamination. This is a good example of the kind of material that will be available on the platform.

Summary and recording of the webinar


  1. Introduction to the e-Safefood project - Wilfried Paget - ACTIA

  2. Presentation of the ISEKI Moodle platform and its access for the training unit - Federica Striglio - ISEKI

  3. Focus on the modelling of Cross Contamination - Ursula Gonzales-Barron - Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (IPB)

    1. Cross-contamination in food processing

    2. Types of cross-contamination models

    3. Factors affecting cross-contamination

    4. A cross-contamination model in R

    5. Q&A session

Download hereunder the different presentations of the webinar

Unit 2 - Cross-contamination
Télécharger PDF • 1.78MB

Presentation e-safefood project_webinar 24-.1-.24
Télécharger PPTX • 2.95MB


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